150,000 ports (PDX1) were installed in rural areas throughout the country

More than 200k ports ( PDX5 ) were put in to operation

300k ports of (PDX10) was manufactured and put into operation in several suburban areas throughout the country


Over 1,200,000 ports of Optical Access network (HONET) in 9 provinces


GSM-WLL networks, with the total capacity of 1,000,000 ports in 10 provinces


IN implementation in 2 provinces, covering 900,000 subscribers


5 pilot projects of NGN in 3 provinces, with total capacity of 200,000 ports


A total of more than 6,000,000 ports of fixed switching systems


Won a contract from TIC, the Telecommunications infrastructure company, a totally government owned company for maintenance of national infrastructure network in four eastern provinces covering over 10,000,000 population in nearly 450,000 square kilometers of area