Expanding Activities





Joint Operation

•    In 2000, we started a joint operation including transfer of technology with Huawei Technologies in following products
•    C&C08 fixed switching system first as CBU followed by local manufacturing of the line interface board, installation and commissioning, training and technical support
•    During this period, PTK accomplished the following jobs throughout the country:
•    WLL-GSM networks, with the total capacity of 1,000,000 ports in 10 provinces
•    Over 1,200,000 ports of Optical Access network (HONET) in 9 provinces
•    IN implementation in 2 provinces, covering 900,000 subscribers;
•    5 pilot projects of NGN in 3 provinces, with total capacity of 200,000 ports;
•    A total of more than 6,000,000 ports of fixed switching systems.


Maintenance Project

•    Later, PTK, backed up with its long term experience in telecommunications industry, won a contract from TIC, the Telecommunications Infrastructure Company, a totally government owned company for maintenance of national infrastructure network in four eastern provinces covering over 10,000,000 population in nearly 450,000 square kilometers of area.